Interface: Column


Column definition


The value to display in the columns header. If not specified Field.fieldName
is converted to title casing and displayed as the columns header.
The DataType for the column.
The data Field for the column. The Field describes how to get the column's value
from the row's data item.
Whether to use this columns value as the key for the data item. It is highly recommended to set this
on a single column. If more then one column is set as the key column only the first one is used. If no columns are
set as the key column then the first column is used.
Whether the column should be sortable. This value is ignored if DataGridVueGrid.sortOptions is
not set to turn on sorting for the grid. Setting this property to false will then not allow this specific column
to be sorted.
Whether the column should be filterable. If filterOptions is not specified then the first
valid FilterOperator is used for the columns DataType. Valid filter operators are defined in
Additional options for how the column's filter behaves including the FilterOperators to
allow the user to select from. Valid filter operators are defined in ValidOperatorsMap.
Optionally specify an absolute or relative column width. Column widths can be specified with px, % or *.
By default columns without a width specified will take up an equal share of the remaining space.
The relative * unit can be used to specify a column to take a relational share of the remaining space.
Column widths automatically regenerate when the window/page size changes.
Whether the column is currently hidden.