Interface: ServerSideDataServiceOptions


Options to configure the built-in server-side data service including the POST url and optional callbacks to alter the data format of the request and response allowing. This allows the built-in data service to handle the data contract of any server. The server-side data service will only attempt to deserialize the response body if the HTTP status code is 200 OK and the Content-Type response header is application/json.



postRoute?string | URLopen in new windowDescription
The full HTTP/HTTPS url to send the POST request.
Use beforeRequest callback to alter the HTTP verb or headers.
beforeRequest?BeforeRequestHandlerOptional callback to change the Requestopen in new window
object before it is sent to the server. This is useful when you need to map the PageDataRequest
to a different data contract.
responseHandler?ResponseHandlerOptional callback to change the Responseopen in new window
object before it is handled by the data grid. This is useful when you need to map the servers response
data back to PageData.